Capturing Norway’s stunning snowy mountains


Bringing 30+ years of experience to the Norwegian film industry.

About LoopFilm AS

Full-service production

Looking to film in Norway? Look no further than LoopFilm AS - the experienced Norwegian film production company offering a one-stop full-service production.

LoopFilm’s expert editing team offers professional post-production services in Norway

Global excellence

Founded in 1994, we have established ourselves as the leading production service company in Norway, known for our ability to provide exceptional services to filmmakers worldwide.

Norway’s best film production service

Scenic Norway

Our location offers a wide range of spectacular landscapes, from white sandy beaches to glaciers, and we have the infrastructure to make filming in Norway a breeze.

Filming in Norway’s stunning landscape

Mountains to the Sea

Extreme filmmaking

Whether you’re looking to shoot under extreme conditions or capture the beauty of our curvy, breathtaking roads and rugged coastline, we can help.

LoopFilm’s equipment and crew in action, capturing breathtaking footage of Norway’s glaciers

Diverse landscapes

Norway is the perfect playground for any director with our vast range of landscapes, including mountains, fjords, glaciers, lakes, forests, and manufactured structures like bridges and tunnels.

Snowy landscapes for a magical atmosphere


We have snow all year round in the mountains, giving you endless possibilities for your film.

Innovation meets nature: LoopFilm’s high-tech equipment captures the beauty of Norway’s frozen landscape

Expert filmmakers, reliable service

We have a reputation for working with some of the best filmmakers in the world, and we’re proud to have a philosophy that every job is manageable, and every client is our most important client.

From the mountains to the ice fields, LoopFilm captures the essence of Norway’s natural beauty

Leading industry standards

We’re also proud members of the Global Production Network, ensuring we are always up to date with the latest industry trends and standards.

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About us

Meet the professional team at LoopFilm, with over thirty years of experience in film production service and working in remote locations.

Founder of LoopFilm

Jarle Tangen

Meet Jarle Tangen, the founding partner of LoopFilm AS. Jarle has a wealth of experience in the film industry, having studied film at the University of Windsor in Canada and Communication studies and Philosophy at the University of Oslo in Norway.

He is also an authorised ski instructor, a happy grouse hunter, and an enthusiastic hobby sailor.

With over three decades of experience working on both sides of the table with film production services worldwide, Jarle is well-equipped to bring your project to life.

Film Producer

Per-Henry Borch

Joining Jarle at LoopFilm AS is Per-Henry Borch, a seasoned film producer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Per Henry is dedicated to getting the best results from any budget or script and takes an active role in every production stage.

He works closely with all team members and has experience filming on all continents, having travelled to 55 countries and specialising in working in remote locations.

He’s also been part of Norwegian climbing expeditions to K2 in Pakistan and skiing expeditions to the North and South Poles. You can find him climbing, skiing, skydiving or travelling when not working.

The film industry has recognised his quality of work and creativity. Per-Henry’s productions received several top awards from Cannes, Epica, Eurobest, and CLIO.

Per-Henry Borch
3 Bronze and 3 Shortlists
3 Gold
2 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze
1 Bronze
Stunning natural scenery for unforgettable footage
Shooting in Norway’s picturesque fjords
LoopFilm’s crew and equipment work together seamlessly to bring your Norway shoot to life
LoopFilm’s team of experts makes filming in Norway easy and effortless for you
Cinematic shots of Norway’s fjords and other beautiful landscapes
Creative filming solutions with LoopFilm
Bringing your vision to life with LoopFilm’s expertise in filming in Norway’s extreme environments
A team of professionals for your filming needs in Norway
Teamwork to bring your vision to life in Norway
From snow-covered roads to icy glaciers, LoopFilm captures the essence of Norway
On board with LoopFilm: Filming stunning scenes on the boat in Norway’s crystal-clear waters
Professional film production team in Norway
Capturing Norway’s unique culture on film
Professionals who know how to film in Norway
Behind the scenes with LoopFilm: Capturing stunning shots in the snowy wonderland of Norway
Filming Norway’s natural beauty of endless forests and mountains
Shooting on boats with LoopFilm
High-tech filming equipment in Norway
High-tech filming equipment for superior results
Unique angles for your Norway film
LoopFilm’s team braves the cold to capture the perfect shot amidst Norway’s mountainous terrain
Filming on roads in Norway
LoopFilm takes care of all your filming needs in Norway
Filming in Norway’s Arctic regions with LoopFilm
Norway’s unique locations captured by LoopFilm
LoopFilm’s expertise ensures a successful shoot
Professionals who know how to film in Norway
LoopFilm’s team captures the beauty of Norway
Dedicated and experienced film crew in Norway
Filming scenes in snowy Norway
Capturing the beauty of Norway with LoopFilm
Breathtaking footage of Norway’s mountains and glaciers, made possible by LoopFilm
Trust LoopFilm for all your filming requirements in Norway
LoopFilm ensures seamless filming in Norway
Icy landscapes for breathtaking footage
From the mountains to the ice fields, LoopFilm captures the essence of Norway’s natural beauty
Choose LoopFilm for hassle-free filming in Norway - The land of natural wonders
Dedicated and experienced team
Full-service filming in Norway
Easy filming in Norway with LoopFilm
Professional film crew in Norway
Norway’s picturesque mountains as the perfect backdrop