Arctic Norway - Filming the Northern Lights in the snow with LoopFilm

Norway offers unmatched filming landscapes

Discover why Norway has everything you need for your next film production

From fjords to glaciers, forests to beaches, and snow-capped mountains to lakes, Norway offers the perfect filming locations.

  • Northern Lights of Norway

    Northern Lights

    The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, can be seen in Norway between September and April.

  • View from the mountain Håen towards Måstadvika and the vacated hamlet of Måstad on Værøy in Lofoten, Nordland. Northern Norway. Island in the sea. Coast and mountains. Coastal landscape in Northern Norway.

    Lofoten Islands

    The dramatic landscapes and extraordinary views of the Lofoten Islands make for an incredibly picturesque backdrop.

  • Norwegian forests and woodlands

    Forests and Woodlands

    Norway enjoys some of the oldest and most beautiful forests in Europe, with many accessible for filming.

  • Filming in Norway’s charming towns

    Snowy Mountains

    Do you need snow for your film production? Look no further. In Norway’s mountains, you can find snow all year round.

  • Fjords of Norway


    Norway is famous for its deep, narrow fjords surrounded by steep mountains and lush forests, creating a spectacular backdrop.

  • Filming Norway’s wildlife with LoopFilm


    Norway is home to a vast tundra landscape, with incredible views of this untouched landscape.

  • Filming on Norway’s scenic roads

    Roads and Bridges

    Norway can offer sensational driving scenes with its curvy roads, rugged coastline, and modern infrastructure.

  • Filming on cliffs for breathtaking views


    Spectacular views over sheer cliffs, perfect for panoramic landscapes and sensational vistas, await you in Norway.

  • Beaches and Coastlines of Norway - Capturing Norway’s natural beauty with LoopFilm

    Beaches and Coastlines

    With beautiful white sands and turquoise waters, Norway has some of the most striking stretches of coastline and beaches.

Filming on ice for a unique perspective